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Tax Advisories

Our tax compliance and advisory services will help the companies to handle their tax compliance workload smoothly and meeting deadlines.
Tax Audit Services and submission of Income Tax Returns.
  • Review of the financial statements of the establishment in accordance the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) and Income Tax Law.
  • Prepare, review and file corporate income tax returns to the Income Tax Authority
Tax Assessment Services
  • Collect and compile available details as requested by Income Tax Authority.
  • Submission of the final reply to the Income Tax Authority.
  • Meeting with the concerned assessing officer of the Income Tax Authority with respect to the details submitted.
  • Assist in the filing of objection to the Income Tax Authority, in case required.
Tax Consultancy and advisory services
  • Advise on Corporate tax and VAT planning and administration in compliance with the tax laws.
  • Assistance with completing and filing VAT returns.
  • Assistance with completing, uploading and reconciliation of Withholding tax returns.
  • Acting on your behalf in discussion with the tax authorities.
  • Provide support and follow up on tax matters arising during the audit.
  • Advise you on the application of withholding tax.
  • Assist in the planning to minimize future tax problems on the establishment from tax authorities.
  • Provide proper updations in the Income Tax and VAT Laws.
  • Provide proper training programs for the employees
Tax Representative Services
  • Assistance in the registration of companies in Income Tax Authority.
  • Assist in applying for Tax card certificate.
  • Supervision of the client’s online ID portal for avoiding future tax issues

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